SISA was founded in 1972 in Lugano as Studio Computer SA. The founders - 5 employees - worked with an IBM System 360/20 with 16 KB of main memory, a 20 MB disk, card puncher and 2 magnetic tapes. Their portfolio included computer services for payroll accounting, bookkeeping and other software in their own computer centre.

After a short time, SISA grew to become a specialist in the field of logistics software for internationally operating forwarding companies. Thanks to this new orientation, the company name was changed to SISA Studio Informatica SA in 1983, after which SISA had 10 employees.

In 1984, SISA became a pilot partner of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration for the pioneering innovative project Zoll84 and thus established its leadership role as a developing company and provider of electronic customs systems for Switzerland.

In 1989, SISA opened its first branch office in German-speaking Switzerland in Lenzburg. A year later, SISA moved its branch office to Reinach (BL), where it remained until the end of 2018, before moving into its new, modern offices in Aesch (BL). The headquarters are still located in Ticino.

SISA has also increasingly expanded its know-how as an IT specialist for networks and infrastructure. Its long-lasting partnership with IBM Switzerland is a further testament to its expertise.

By the turn of the millennium, 40 employees were working for SISA and the company "went back to its roots" as a data centre provider. As of the year 2000, SISA software is no longer available exclusively as licensed software, but can also be obtained as a computer centre service.

Today, SISA employs more than 40 people in Taverne (TI) and Aesch (BL), is the Swiss market leader in the field of customs and forwarding software with Declare-it and has successfully implemented its products for more than 250 customers in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. SISA is also committed to transferring its knowledge and experience to the next generation and has been training apprentices in IT for several years already.

Since February 2020, SISA Studio Informatica SA has been part of the WiseTech Global Group. WiseTech Global is a leading developer and provider of software solutions for the logistics execution industry worldwide. Its customers include over 12,000 of the world’s logistics organizations with its solutions licenced across 150 countries. SISA remains focused on the Swiss requirements of its forwarding and customs customers. As a result, the competence of SISA specialists in the area of customs, forwarding and IT are available worldwide.