Since January 2023, helpdesk incidents may be reported exclusively through eRequest. Requests by e-mail or telephone can no longer be processed.

We strongly recommend that you log in to the eRequest Management Portal as soon as possible in order to avoid delays in your first support case.



Maintenance work

Modern and highly available IT systems are complex and need regular care and maintenance. This is to bring the infrastructure in the data center and the SISA standard applications up to date and thus ensure that you can handle your day-to-day business efficiently and with the latest customs information and data.

The maintenance windows are planned for the following times:

Dates in 2023

Start 13:00h
End 24:00h

Saturday 28.01.2023 till Sunday 29.01.2023
Saturday 25.02.2023 till Sunday 26.02.2023
Saturday 18.03.2023 till Sunday 19.03.2023
Saturday 29.04.2023 till Sunday 30.04.2023
Saturday 20.05.2023 till Sunday 21.05.2023
Saturday 10.06.2023 till Sunday 11.06.2023
Saturday 17.06.2023 till Sunday 18.06.2023
Saturday 01.07.2023 till Sunday 02.07.2023
Saturday 12.08.2023 till Sunday 13.08.2023
Saturday 19.08.2023 till Sunday 20.08.2023
Saturday 09.09.2023 till Sunday 10.09.2023
Saturday 21.10.2023 till Sunday 22.10.2023
Saturday 25.11.2023 till Sunday 26.11.2023
Saturday 03.12.2023 till Sunday 04.12.2023
Saturday 16.12.2023 till Sunday 17.12.2023

The SISA Helpdesk team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach us by eRequest Management Portal.

System availability of the FOCBS

The FOCBS Service Desk can be reached on +41 58 462 60 00

Here you can get information from the FOCBS about the availability of the freight applications NCTS and e-dec. It is only indicated whether the customs system can receive and send messages. The actuality of the traffic lightcan vary by up to 15 minutes compared to the live system.

Contact form: Service Desk FOCBS