Non-customs decrees

At the border, Swiss customs authorities enforce more than 150 regulations that are not directly related to customs law. These are the so-called non-customs decrees.

The numerous fields of law include:

Execution of measures

Foreign trade and foreign policy measures are implemented by Swiss customs:

  • Monitoring of export and import of war material, weapons, explosives, etc.
  • Monitoring of export and import in the areas of copyright, intellectual property, etc.
  • Monitoring of UN embargoes and sanctions
  • Restrictions (tariff quotas) in the agricultural sector, wine, eggs, etc.
  • etc.

Population and environment

Customs take protective measures in the health sector, carry out food controls and ensure the protection of animals, plants and species (CITES). Swiss customs also participate in the control of precious metals, the monitoring of toxic substances and the transport of dangerous goods within the framework of the NCD decrees.

Security and police

The identity and passport controls are one of the areas of responsibility of Swiss customs, as are measures to safeguard international security and migration legislation. The control of weapons, explosives, war material and strategic goods are also part of the range of operations.

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