At the Declare-it Solution Day in September, SISA announced the Declare-it Round Tables. At the Declare-it Round Tables, Declare-it customers will in future be able to benefit regularly from in-depth customs and product-specific topics. The first round table on the topic of "Dutax - working with the Trust Center" took place on 27 October.

Numerous Declare-it customers used this opportunity to learn more about the Dutax Trust Center during a 45-minute session. The Trust Center checks each eVV for discrepancies when collecting it from the customs server and sets a status accordingly. This means that only those eVVs need to be checked that have not been set to " controlled" by the Trust Center . This makes the manual control of eVVs more effective and efficient.

The feedback was positive throughout and everyone welcomes further round tables.

The next round table has already been scheduled and will take place on 25 November on the topic of "Declare-it IO (Integration Optimizer)".