Import Control System 2

Switzerland has been participating in the Import Control System 2 (ICS2) of the European Union (EU) since 15 March 2021..

In order to minimise the significant impact of these security provisions on the cross-border movement of goods with EU member states, the Agreement on the simplification of customs formalities and on Customs security measures was concluded with the EU.

Switzerland shares a common customs security area with the EU and Norway. The Agreement on Customs Facilitation and  Security (ZESA) is the basis thereof. This agreement enables the free exchange of goods with the EU and contributes to Switzerland's security.

What is the ICS2?

ICS2 stands for Import Control System 2. With ICS2, customs data is already transmitted when goods are shipped from third countries before they reach the external border of the common customs security area. This enables an efficient and comprehensive risk analysis on the part of the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) and allows high-risk consignments to be identified earlier and better and to avert dangers at the optimal point in the supply chain.


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