Dual Use goods

Dual-use goods are goods with a dual-use capability for both civilian and military purposes. The Goods Control Act (GCA 946.002) defines them as follows:

  • Goods: commodities, technologies and software;
  • Dual use goods: goods that may be used for both civilian and military purposes;
  • Special military goods: goods which have been designed or modified for military purposes, but which are neither weapons, ammunition, explosives nor other means of combat or warfare, as well as military training aircraft equipped with suspension points;
  • ...

What dual use goods are in detail is defined in the annexes to the Goods Control Ordinance.

For example: electronic components or devices intended for temperatures below -55°C or temperatures above 124°C are subject to authorisation for export according to the goods lists. The decision as to whether goods are subject to the Dual-Use Regulation cannot be made at the level of the tariff number, but must be made based on the characteristics of the goods.

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