Business identification number (UID)

The number is assigned by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. The UID replaces the commercial register number, the VAT number, the forwarding agent number, the TIN number and various other numbers.
The UID is used as an identification number for administrative contacts and administrative office.
The number always consists of the prefix “CHE” and a 9-digit number containing a control number. For example, “CHE987654321”. A UID can be searched for in the public register. A UID is usually public. However, there are exceptions. Then the UID cannot be found in the register.

UID in the field of customs

The UID is used for various purposes in connection with customs. To enable an opeator to make a customs declaration, the UID must be registered in the customs client administration (ZKV). This is usually the commercial register number that was used as the UID for the declaration. However, it is also possible to apply for a customs UID. This customs UID is used exclusively for customs purposes and does not have the character of a VAT or commercial register UID. Therefore, this UID is not public.
The registered UID is then also used as identification for a customs declaration and thus replaces the trader identification number.
In addition, a UID must be indicated for CH-addresses. For example: it is mandatory to provide a UID at the importer address of an import customs declaration. If the importer is not a legal entity or the UID is not known, the pseudo UID “CHE222259895” can be used as an alternative.

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