SISA Studio Informatica SA has decided to become part of the WiseTech Global Group (ASX: WTC) and to follow a common path. WiseTech Global is a leading developer and supplier of software solutions for the logistics industry worldwide. Its customers include over 12,000 logistics companies worldwide. The software is licensed in 150 countries.

SISA is taking this important step to enable its customers and partners to further benefit from the strengths of the joint business. By joining WiseTech, SISA will become an even more future-oriented company.

SISA will remain unchanged as a company and will focus even more specifically on the new requirements regarding

  • Internationalisation of customs systems
  • Technological renewal of the forwarding software
  • Globalisation and digitalisation of the supply chain
  • Software as a service

With WiseTech, SISA has chosen a company that is making a significant contribution to the logistics and IT industry with its global market presence and powerful development capability. Over the last five years, WiseTech has invested AUD 300 million in innovation and product development and has made significant investments to expand its geographic reach through acquisitions in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

SISA and WiseTech Global will continue to add value to logistics operations and continuously improve the supply chain.

In doing so, SISA is focusing on a high level of continuity and the continuation of cooperation with its customers and partners.

The existing SISA products will be further developed in the future and supported by SISA specialists. In addition, it will also be possible to access CargoWise One, Wise Tech's global logistics execution platform.

SISA is convinced of this strategic enhancement of the company and its products and is looking forward to this exciting path together with WiseTech Global.