The FOCBS communicated on July 13, 2023 that the defined replacement of NCTS, scheduled for 2023, will be postponed. This change is among others also a consequence of the pressure of the software vendors on the FOCBS, respectively the current situation of the productive Passar version provided by the FOCBS.

The justification is : "Based on the first experiences and in view of the upcoming transition of further business cases to Passar". The mandatory date of conversion to Passar for NCTS ZE (authorized consignee) deletion and NCTS 5 Transit opening is postponed by six months.

The scheduled conversion for NCTS ZE deletion is postponed from 10/1/2023 to NEW 03/17/2024. The last transit opening with the current NCTS (Phase 4) application can be made NEW until 04/30/2024.

The availabilities, i.e. the duration of the use of e-dec Export and e-dec Import remain unchanged 30.6.2025.

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Passar 1.0: Staggered changeover (13.07.2023)