On February 16, the quarterly meeting of the working group Economy took place. Information was provided on the current status of the DaziT transformation project.

Christian Bock informed about personnel changes, contacts with neighbouring countries and TAXUD as well as the new job descriptions. Marco Benz presented the current status of the revision of the Customs Act. Now that the consultation process has been completed, the results are being evaluated and the ordinances are being drafted. In the second half of the year, the Federal Council will hand over the revision of the Customs Act to Parliament. Doris Reber and Daniel Portmann then presented the new goods process and its integration into the new "Passar" goods traffic system. Existing procedural facilitations such as e-dec Easy or periodic collective declarations are also supported by the new process and the new application and offer advantages for those involved in the procedure. The definitive start of production of Passar is still scheduled for December 1, 2023.