Customs has provided information on various adjustments to customs procedures in the last few weeks. All information sheets and landing pages are available only in German, French and Italian.

Approved exporter

The regulations on the subject of authorised exporters have been adapted. Further information can be found in the FCA information sheet

Proof of origin

The information sheet on determining the formal validity of proofs of origin has been adapted. (Points 1.1, 7, 9, 10).

D-123 ("Verwendungspflichtungsinhaber")
As of 1 May 2021, the D-123 application with the list of "Verwendungsverpflichtungsinhaber" is now available at the following web address:

System certificates e-dec

As of the beginning of June, certificates in the e-dec communication environment had to be replaced. This migration work was carried out by SISA in a timely manner both in the SISA data centre and in local software installations.

Further information
System certificates e-dec