March 16, 2020 was the last day at the office, since then I have been working from home. My wife and I have a son, who became 2 years old in January. Therefore, even before we were asked to work from home, we thought about how it would be when all of us were at home. Would our son be able to accept when Daddy has no time to play although he is at home?

The first few days working from home were often not easy. Why can't Daddy play with me? Where does he go now? And why may I not come along? Challenges that needed to be mastered. Fortunately I have a wonderful wife who has helped me and our son to understand the situation. In the meantime our son has also got used to it and we have even found some new rituals. So I now always say goodbye to him before I go to our hobby room in the basement where our home office is. In addition to saying goodbye when I leave, my son now comments every time I return - even if it's only for a quick coffee. His "Oh look daddy..." always puts a smile on my and my wife's faces. Another nice ritual we have introduced is that now my son comes over to my hobby room after his nap to say a short hello. He can then sit on my lap for a moment and watch me doing what I am doing.

So finally I may say that our son has accepted the fact very well that I am always present now, but do not always have time for him.

Author: Thomas Cattaruzza
Department: Product Management
Date: 14.04.2020